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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 20, 2013, 7:52 PM
whenever i say i want to quit cosplaying and i'm quitting cosplay etc.. i don't end up quitting D:

after saying that for 20000-infinitys, i finally came to this conclusion:

i am NOT quitting cosplay, i am only changing MY ATTITUDE towards it.

after all, it's just a hobby which i indulge as an outlet to unleash my artistic masochism and it used to be my form of escapism from university studies.

i used to take it ALL SO SRSLY and honestly, it made me such a bitter person ;^; i never intended to since all i ever wanted was to look good and not be picked on while dressing up as whatever character i want. it came to the point where... i started HATING cosplay. however, at the same time, i love MAKING cosplays.

in addition, being pushed by my own's batshit career-woman self, i have tons other better things to do that cosplay. this is not a hobby which i am able to turn into my career. it's just a passion, like how i have mad passion for fashion (OMGITRHYMESHURR) but much less.

at the end of the day however, no harm done guys =)
really.. no harm at all. so chillax okay??
it's just me, not being serious about cosplay anymore and only focussing on things that really matters in my life right now and for the future.

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reminiscing 2012 and onwards to 2013

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 30, 2012, 4:48 AM
Link name Link name Link name

i felt like writing a new entry but i don't like having too many journals XD
so here's an edit + update instead~

:bulletred: 2012 :bulletred:

it's the last day of 2012 and looking back, there is so much i want to say about this year.

it hasn't exactly been forgiving. so much depressing things had happened, mistakes made, hurting people, lost them... at times it felt like it has been an emotional roller coaster for my little batshit self. i lost count of the number of times i cried myself to sleep xD it has been really really difficult all the way from start till december 20th… (please comment if you can't see it)

it was definitely a dream come true :rose:

but most importantly, 2012 has taught me the most important lessons for me to bring forth to 2013 and helped me discover myself.
who i truly am and which dream i should chase.. what i am worth.. to whom i'm worth to..
2012 has definitely matured me a lot and made me a lot stronger and braver, more responsible and realistic person.. taught me to look at the bigger perspective and not lose sight of the tiny details because the tiniest gestures at some lost unknown corner can mean everything.. to be accepting and focus on what matters the most in the short run but not forget my goals.. to look deeper beyond physical and verbal reasons in a person..

i wish i can share everything with you but i might end up essay-ing DX

and with that..

:bulletgreen: 2013 :bulletgreen:

.. i carry the lessons and memories with me and leap my tiny batshit self to tomorrow - 2013

i still don't know what i want to say for 2013 but for now, i hope my TR application gets through so that i get to do the 20000 more things i want to do next year and be even more batshit XD

wishing everyone glorious holidays and a fantastic 2013!!
Merry Christmas by ShinoMatrix EVANGELION: Merry Christmas by meeelldango EVANGELION: Christmas Town by meeelldango EVANGELION: All I Want for Christmas by meeelldango

i can never thank you enough
papa, mama, bro & sis for all your love and support throughout my whole life
my dear boyfriend evan :heart: and exgroupmates for being to tolenrant and amazing to me
grandpa tomi:iconeightroses:, mark :iconshinomatrix:, lisa daddy :iconblackcrane56:, auntie samantha :iconsiberias:, grandma skye :iconastellecia:, jillcakes :iconintricatia:, husband :iconemorenji:, auntie :iconakinofujiko:, imouto :iconritsuka-shiina: stepmama :iconkaorimint:, steppapa :icongeckguga:, yumiface :iconzuzumoo:, :iconcielroses:, :iconk-tetsu:, :iconclamwings:, :iconyiji:, :iconmidnight-bliss:, :icongalaxyshiba:, :iconkaallisi:, :icongalactic-burrito:, :iconchibifiedkitsunes:, :iconhiyuki:, :iconslykura:, :icondarcywilliam:, :iconwildmushrooms:, :iconstrawdoll:, :iconelias-lopez:, :iconaomarine:, :iconcherriuki:, :iconpumpkinwin:.. and everyone i have met and touched and creeped for your face and called you unicorns this year

devART watchers and people who visited my page and dropped favs and kind comments, thank you for your support!!

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Journal Entry: Sun Dec 9, 2012, 10:48 PM
please pardon the lame AS3 code/title thing and i will try my best to keep this short and sweet ><

a while back, i posted this.
MPD: I love you by meeelldango
i'm so sorry for stirring up all the feels and air-ing my dirty life laundry and i would like to thank you all for your kind messages on the deviation! i don't know how to reply to them but thank you so much for those heartfelt messages :heart:

as of 8th december 2012, on saturday morning at 8am, the result of my lifelong struggle (especially during the last two months) to get to the first step upon chasing my impossible dreams.. i have finally graduated from university and earned my Bachelor's degree in Arts - Games and Interactivity.

my mama told me that the fortune teller at the temple (oh yea, i'm buddhist) predicted that i will face a lot of difficulty during my tertiary education years in the hope that i will be able to prepare myself for it and it cannot be any more true. there were countless times when i wanted to give up and settle back into my comfort zone, when things outside my control has made me crumble and pushed me deeper into the endless pit.. as the results of the insecurities i have accumulated from my past catalyzed the effects to the point which i could not get back up, lost persons who were once close to me and gave up on myself completely.. there could have been times when i could have saved myself nonetheless if only i had the right cerebral system (i.e. mindset /heh) and used my hardware properly but.. i wasn't programmed to do so (not brought up to think that way). i confess, i do have a severe case of depression and i'm not going to hide it =)

but ah.. please don't worry about it guys, i am recovering and doing fine and have recently done things to fix myself out of it which involves re-programming my system and yeaaaa medications oTL and besides, it's not something that is uncommon i believe.. still, when i first found out and admitted it to myself, i felt alone .______. well... which person is able to tell what has been happening in another person's life and make an accurate definition out of it D:
i'm still the same old mel a.k.a. lame shit who once, is and will always be: a complete lie~ the only thing that is different is just how i am inside and i'm sure it won't affect anything =D

back on topic and to end this, i would like to thank everyone
who have caused me pain and suffering.
without you, i will not discover this major catastrophical fault in me and to get up and fix it. without you, i will never be able to learn the importance of believing in myself.
who care, love and trusted me
without you, i will not learn to be strong for myself. without your heartfelt motivation, i will never know that there are people who trust my abilities to make achievements be it big/small.. without you, i will always think i am alone.

all that is past now and i can only look back on the lessons i have learnt out of this and continue my chase for the impossible 8D
i believe in staying positive, not comparing yourself to anyone else and to not let anyone compare you. just focus and work hard. your determination determines the outcome of your hardwork and no matter what you are always rewarded with something at the end.. and even, along the way. therefore, i shall never be discouraged in myself anymore.. especially now that i know what i can do. or what i want to do/achieve in my life

with this, i am now officially a NEET at the moment. haha!!
i can eventually take it easy for now and get my TR done.. get a job and be fully independent for myself in australia

wish me luck!!

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apologies for inactivity!!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 2, 2012, 9:08 PM
uni is ending soon and i've been having too much things on my brain and everywhere else to juggle!
i do visit dA on and off to check messages but i've let them pile up again ;A;
i don't think i can check every single one of them but thank you so much for your comments and favs and waches! please don't get offended if i don't end up replying..

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OZ ComicCon and SMASH 2012 + life(you may skip t

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 29, 2012, 11:34 AM
Link name Link name Link name


it's been a while since i wrote anything. i wanted to write a journal after i attended Oz ComicCon with my sexy boys :iconblackcrane56: Hawkeye and :icondarcywilliam: Loki but exhaustion got ahead of me and then.. smash and then exhausted again so here i go yay~ EXTREMELY LATE UPDATE, lame facebook photos and spamming you with what's going on with my fail!life wheeee \o/
it will be short and you don't have to read it ^^;

:bulletred: Oz ComicCon :bulletred:
saturday was suit-up day as Natalia "Natasha" Romanova a.k.a. Black Widow and avenge the world from trollicious stupidly beautiful-faced :icondarcywilliam: a.k.a. my gf as Loki Laufeyson with :iconblackcrane56: as sexy GODDAYUM GUNS Agent Clint "HAWTEYEHawkeye" Barton.

if you'd like to read up about the costume

and scarring the lovely unicorns i met on the daaaayy~

:iconkaorimint:, Mina, :iconsilver-lined:, :icongalactic-burrito: and Jay
i also met delicious teahouse sl*ts :iconcielroses: :iconk-tetsu: :iconkaallisi:, hawt Nero from DMC with glowing arm :icondat-baka:, jolly jolly Dean :iconteh-sasu:, adorable Jubilee :icondj-bucky:, boobies molester :iconclamwings:, tiny adorable KIRA!! thing :iconsweetmarshmellow:, bondage shinigami :iconandycamcosplay:... i'm starting to lose track NOES D8
but yeeesss i scarred too many unicorns on that day ;;

and then day two was retiring as old men who enjoy solving cases of your lost cats and having boring tea parties for :iconblackcrane56: and i

thank you :iconjkale: for the jacket loan and Akasha "Mead-face" for the shoes~
being able to be comfy and warm for a convention was... LUXURY ;;
and we get to stare around at other unicorns and stalkstalkstalkkkk

can we do this again?? D"8

:bulletred:SMASH Sydney / BRISNEYBOURNELARH :bulletred:


sorry ;;

i shall now leave the pictures to explain themselves 8D

friday was Senbonzakura vocaloid photoshoot at the sydney chinese gardens~

taking our time to camwhore even tho we were late

trusting the taxi driver 1000% to hurry us to the destination and dropped us off at the right entrance

meeting our VOCALOID FAMIRI :heart: and sydney unicorns :star:

boss miku and my IKEMEN twinnie

beautiful meiko-niisan and kaito-neesan

touching :iconjaxama: and :iconfengsong: in their natural state

sadly, :iconireners: was not able to join us as Luka-neechan ;; we missed your presence badly ;A;
i didn't manage to take photos with the photographers and helpers who glorified this shoot.. i'm so sorry ;; :iconshinomatrix: :iconrayfy: Alan, Ron, :iconmukuroma: and tinytiny Cathyyes Cathy, you're always tiny



being avengers again and to the wrong convention because we can HAHAHAHA

to scar more unicorns

moe HIshouMI :iconeightroses:, beautiful PEGGYryl :iconwildmushrooms, beautiful DARuto :icondarcywilliam:, PONPONPON :iconsiberias: and beautiful HIYUryl :iconhiyuki:

poop indoor photos but forever touchinggggg all the sexys :iconkaguyaxhime: :iconzuzumoo: :iconfengsong: Emily :iconcherriuki: :iconsilverharmony: :icongeckguga: & :iconchristie-cosplay:

i eventually got to meet :iconzimiel: :icontwinklee: in person, in their blinglicious Utapri costumes. you both are so sweet and lovely!! but you hawt Nacchan and Ren-sama were like.. good bye to my ovaries ( */////*)

scarring unicorns aside (for me), this is what we did

---i still don't have their dA-s yet at the moment but once i do, i will edit this part---
was too busy playing under Walpurgisnatch's dress that i didn't get to visit the traders hall which i was looking forward to sooo sooo much ;;

we also took part in the cosplay comp =D
we know we are not eligible for the judging but its okaaaay /trolls/
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="…" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
much to our surprise, WE WON SOMETHING *A*

THANK YOU judges :iconstrawdoll:, :iconkaguyaxhime: and Jill for your kindness and i'm so happy you all enjoyed what we did >A<
and Sydney Smash, THANK YOU for welcoming us trolls so warmly!!

after the con, we did a quick shoot with :iconstrawdoll:, helped by :iconsiberias: and :iconclamwings: Straw, you magical creature.. your photography was BANGBANGBANG and there's all the magic done in 2 hours. she made me look hawt in the cold despite my ripped holster and dying wig.. i can't wait to see more photos and get turned on by my own STRAWmagic products *O*

and then into pizzahut we go. and we were like "f*ck man, not fitting into anymore of this shit ever again DURR". finally got to meet candy-sweet :iconelpheal: and unicorn peggy :iconwildmushrooms: properly and shared our childhood and chinese jokes while i stuffed my face with pizza all the way to my thighs /gross
i wish we got to see each other more ;;;


we PERSONA-ed ourselves at midnight for mayonaka TV in the freezing cold

and here comes exhausted!Mel at her breaking point 8D

it was not meant to happen.. it really could have not happened. it SHOULDN'T ;;A;;

and then it was the tradition..

and after that it was good bye on monday ;A;

you may skip this part

i /barely/ did enough for uni last semester.. i passed all my units but they were not good enough orz"
and this is my final year of study. so disappoint ;;
so i'd like to say that i'm most likely stopping all my cosplay plans for the year. i will only do what i can when i have time and it won't be my priority...
it's nothing much.. just want to devote more time to uni, getting a job and hopefully to settle here in melbourne.. and folio and all that. so yea, no cosplay for me =D

that means, i will be clearing my backlogs... yay?? ;;

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Mon May 21, 2012, 9:17 AM
Expiration Date:

(シ_ _)シ

sup guys~
before anything, i would like to deeply apologize in advance as for now, i will be uploading mostly old stuffs. ALLTHOSE OLD STUFFS THAT ARE MEANT TO BE HERE AGES AGO AMONG WITH EVERYONE ELSE'S D8

at the moment, i am currently trying to save my own life from all the uni work and the never-ending cosplay plans. regrettably, i haven't been able to do as well as i'd expected this semester because.. HURR HURRR HURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

nevermind me.

i can't wait for all these to be over, weep over my poor performance and then preparing for the last two cons of the year for me
(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

i suddenly feel like doing fashion shoots... someonestopme.jpeg

before i go to die further

please help me keep my sanity guys!!
ask me anything... feed me bacon or.. or.. anything D8

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Journal Entry: Sat Mar 3, 2012, 6:30 PM

i admit defeat to my tumouring pile of messages and went in and CLEARED EVERYTHING.

i have been battling my inbox for the past 1-2 years?? or so?? and i haven't been able to clear them ;A;
even tho i have dA app on my phone and i log on to it once in a while when i'm free, i.. still.. cannot.. get.. through.. them Q___________________Q

:star: THANK YOU :star:
to everyone who have watched me and visited my page and my deepest apologies for not being able to do my usual thing of thanking everyone personally ;;
i hope you won't take it to heart. i will definitely go through my watchers list once i'm free and have abundant internet to haunt your page and post a creepy comment =D

speaking of internet..
ah right. i just applied it yesterday for my new house and the payment /just/ went through. now here comes waiting for 2-4 weeks without internet wheeee~~~
and week one of uni has just flown past too.. time y u so fast ;;

i hope everyone is going great and doing lots of fantastic things :heart:
spam me with pieces of your life and feel free to ask me questions~ anythinggggg~~~
or you can feed me bacon :iconbaconplz:

/moves on to battle her assignments

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hi all, i'm being stupid :D also, worldcosplay acc

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 12, 2012, 9:21 PM
will be packing my suitcase in a bit.. and my brain is in a whirlwind of thoughts. its telling me to write things down, so eh? okay.. facebook? nah, at least 600 other people might read it and may ask me questions. dA? i don't have that many watchers and NO ONE CURR but i don't think having my parents stumble to my dA is a good idea. haha.. so tumblr??? nah... my tumblr is full of jokes. so dA, *copies half-written essay and paste*. MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES WATCHERS. i am throwing cheese all over the place and i might dwell into lots of details, please bear with me ^^;;
i don't think my parents would come and raid my gallery even if my brother sees this.. i hope not..

during my time back, a lot of things have happened and lots of misunderstandings were cleared. what was not expected of did actually happen.

yes, my boyfriend and i are just good friends now. i knew some things won't really work well from the start but i forced it, and it is bound to repel one day. that's my fault from the start and i owe him the biggest apology and thank you more than what i can give in person..

so.. my dad is actually okay with me cosplaying. not saying that he lets me do it but it's more like, "i don't care as long as you don't screw up your studies and waste time". how about money? my expensive hobbies cost more than excessive shopping and buying/downloading dramas *lol, cousins* but hey, as long as i am doing something productive he doesn't seem to mind. be it sewing some weird piece of crap, spending hours CG-ing on some poop or making a game for the amusement of my own /fail/-abilities..
also, "fuck what your relatives think. you have your family" i can't thank and appreciate my dad enough for saying this. ofc, he did not say it with the f-word but i just put it there for comical relief ;D
but just a bit of background info.. for all these while, or maybe, more like for a long time, i've always felt like everyone at home is against me. it's true. i feel that my relatives think i'm weird and i'm more stupid compared to most of my socialite geniuses and beauties of my dear cousins because it's simple. i do not study asian fap-worthy subjects and i like anime and games. yet worse, i cosplay. these are the things that my dad (used to) hate. and when i was beginning to hype about cosplay and stuff, some of my relatives once posted unwanted comments on my cosplay photos on facebook and forwarded it to my dad in a rather sinister manner, "hey, i'm a fan of your daughter you know. she is so funky" and HOLY SLAPSTICKS ahh shit happened LOLOL and then i blocked the shit out of every single soul related to my parents on facebook :'D hehe.. doesn't mean that there won't be another chance where one day, they come back and prick your butt, eh? i still hate some of my relatives, especially those who were quite unpleasant when i was younger. you can't avoid them yet you always lose out when they come and compare you among each other. but who cares? least, i know my family is proud of who i am as a person and will always accept me. who cares if others bring you down? you have not only your friends but this amazing group of people whom you have been together with all your life behind you and all they want from you is to one day be your own life's success.

so it's like... all these while, i have misunderstood everything and not appreciated things i should be grateful for. but the main thing for me is that to realise and be thankful for what life has given me by being happy with what it comes with and use it to do great things. i've sort of tried doing that once and i have to agree that hating my life and progress with only vengeance inside does not do as much. even if i was 1000% in vengeance and even if i was 50% being thankful with life. because if you're happy with life, you can focus on what you have to do rather than wasting your time in turmoil.


i have joined the bandwagon and made worldcosplay account

let's see.. what are the chances of me abandoning it like my curecos account??
shit, i should really update that so that. i want to make valid coscards...

forgot to mention

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tagged and uni, final year

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 3, 2012, 10:47 PM
tagged by :iconflauel: AAAGGGGEEESSS ago 8D;;;
i'm so sorry hun!! >A<

11 questions YOU have to answer:

1. Are you more natural or materialistic?
hmm.. half-half?? i actually don't know how to answer this D:

2. What is your favourite dessert?
chocolate gateau with fresh strawberries would be nice~

3. Describe your lifestyle.
rilakkuma. ..,i wish ;A;
it depends, i'm always busy when it's uni and usually really slack during the holidays.. but i am ESPECIALLY slack when i am back in my hometown oTL

4. What is your favourite time of year?
autumn, anywhere in the world =)

5. What do you think is the most unique thing about your appearance?
my jaw-line from side view. i admit, it makes me look slimmer D=

6. If you could learn to play an instrument, which instrument would you learn?
bass guitar D8
for as long as i live, i MUST learn this one day..
also, drums. i miss those random drumming times back when i was still at school ;A;

7. What/who inspires you?
everything :D
even being alone in the bathroom LOL
if only water isn't expensive, i could soak myself in hot bath all day and think oTL

8. What is your favourite form of art?
something vintage/victorian/gothic, abstract,  adorable retarded things.. depending on my mood and how i apply it =D

9. Is there anything you'd wish for right now?
BE HOMURA - Puella Magi

10. Cake or jelly? XD
neither D8
not a sweet tooth person..

11. Name something that you would like to improve on / or a long-term goal of yours.
being better with what i enjoy doing and be eventually able to use them to make someone happy XD



changing courses, the deviating from it and now doing all these shit..

if i don't fail..




happy things aside, there is actually serious things to do so that i can guarantee my stay in Australia as an illegal immigrant working to make games for little children like your neighbourhood pedobear


:bulletred: devote 1000% of my soul and life to uni :iconkyubeyplz:
if i don't do well, it would be difficult for me to get a job.
that's pretty much guaranteed...

:bulletred: set up my personal portfolio (and website if possible)
dA is the only thing i have /SOB
that means... SOME OF MY DEVIATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO BE DELETED so please do not be surprised to find broken links or removed deviation and blahs..
i need to reform my ENTIRE gallery so that i can make it appropriate for folio and presentation..

:bulletred: less cosplays, more art
definitely. i have a lot to work on and tbh, i intend to make this my final year of cosplaying....
2013 is still uncertain for me. what if i don't get a proper job and have to be deported back to slave for my parents instead?
i would prefer to prepare for the worst and take action wherever chances may lie.. so please /slap/ me if i say "HERP DERP MAKING ANOTHER COSPLAY" than what i already have planned for this year..

others stuffs include limiting myself to cons and meets, not spending anymore money on costumes (refer to bullet #3) and ofc, lose weight D8

10 more days before i fly back to melbourne and 11 more days before i step in into this madness.

once there, i will be moving to my new house and *cracks knucles*
....*rolls on the floor in agony from broken bones*

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Journal Entry: Fri Feb 3, 2012, 8:10 PM

figured that a journal is more suitable than a widget.. D:

i NEED to sell them off because my new place does not allow me to give them the love they need
having limited space for costumes is really saddening ;;

please buy my *cough*lovely*cough* hardwork don't lie self and give them the home and care they desire ;A;

:iconhappyblueplz:… :iconhappyblueplz:
↑ facebook link ↑

PM/note/comment here for any questions or you can DM me on facebook
prices do not include shipping and may arrange meet-ups for melbournians
can do shipping for international buyers but it's not included in the prices so you'll have to pay >A<
no holds, first buy first serve.. sorry D:
prices are in australian dollars


Yakitate!JAPAN!! Pantasia chef top
top and scarf for $15 (collar is a bit short but it will be covered by the scarf so it should be fine)

red overalls and "bunny" headband
worn for Vocaloid X'mas photoshoot as Rin Kagamine, $20

Anarchy Panty - P&SWG, matching school skirt and tie
skirt and matching tie for $18 ("P" emblem went to neverland but i'm happy to make it again for free~)
worn and washed 2x

Kagamine Len - VOCALOID Project Diva 2, school uniform (top only)
top only $15
100% self-made 8D;;

Sheryl Nome - Macross Frontier, Lion (school uniform ver.)
costume only $45

Cis - Tiger & Bunny
with wig… $38
used once only LOL
cardigan is lined, ruffles are self-pleated

Li Syaoran - Card Captor Sakura, battle outfit
EVERYTHING for $150 (with wig… for $170)
wig is self-dyed from blonde to the right shade of brunette for accuracy
resin-case gems on hat and sword
flowy material bought overseas
bells on sleeves
sword base is made of wood

Lag Seeing - Tegami Bachi REVERSE, trapdress
hand-dyed poncho & apron
pretty much 100% accurate to the colors in the anime...
and worn once only oTL

Hope Estheim - FFXIII, costume and shoes only
jacket is hand-dyed to correct shades
pants is self-tailored for accuracy (as well as jacket)
gloves are golf golves, modified (bought for $30ish)
scarf is gradient hand-dyed and patterned, has tiny tiny tassels
shoes is JP22-23 (equivalent to AU 6ish? or 36-37??), commissioned for $60
i was anal to the core when i made this oTL

Light Card - Card Captor Sakura, costume only
belongs to :iconeightroses: feel free to PM either of us for enquiries (•ω•)


SecretPolice!Kagamine Len wig
used twice only QQ
ponytails have been maintained and the wig itself is pretty much... almost brand new oTL

short pink wig
still in good condition

short bob-style white wig
was used for Cis - tiger & bunny

short brunette wig
worn for syaoran - CCS
hand dyed ten couple of times QQ to the right shade with fabric dye
does not fade
heat resistant


NOVO, AU size 9 sparkly heels
belongs to :iconeightroses: feel free to PM either of us for enquiries (•ω•)


Journal Entry: Fri Jan 13, 2012, 10:05 PM

*throws a custom widget on her page as selling journal post*

i am moving to a new house in one months' time *shriek* and it is going to be a 1BR student apartment... that means, my new house will be TINY D8
rather than abandoning these precious costumes, i would rather they have a new home to be loved and taken care for *is emotionally attached*

so please buy them and give them your new loooovvveee ;;;

i will continue to update with notes as items get sold and new ones get put up >A<

also, do tell me if you cannot see the link or if there is a problem~!!


Design and coding by presencez

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byebye 2011 hello 2012

Thu Dec 29, 2011, 1:24 AM
i will be away on a family trip from tonight till 2nd of jan next week so i would like to wish everyone early happy new year 2012 for now :)


... I FORGOT I MENTIONED "Merry X'mas and Happy
New Year 2012" in my previous journal D8


uhh uhh... mentioning twice is okay right?? ;;

for the past few days, i did not end up sewing anything oTL

i regret not doing anything and ahh... i have the whole month next week to work on 6 costumes. not sure if i can do them all but i think it should be fine since once sis goes back to school, i will be alone at home /SOB hopefully i can sew really quickly ;---;

i was about to write an end of year round-up essay but i don't think i should


family is back home now and we have to get ready..

i am still losing my battle with inbox-san but i deeply appreciate all your favs and comments >A<
muchmuchmuch apologies for not being able to thank everyone individually up till now for all your support ;;;


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Mon Dec 26, 2011, 9:14 PM
Expiration Date:

bought myself a dA premium~ \o/
hopefully i will be more motivated to log in and update more often and clear all my backlogs oTL
i may put up drawings again if i have time =)

firstly, i am sincerely sorry for my lack f activity here DX
tbh, being inactive on dA did not help much with my change in results because when i started to become uhh.. dead, i got myself twitter. then nearing my semester2 exams, i got myself tumblr D8
distraction-wise, i actually have more after abandoning dA... oTL

i wonder what is everyone up to... hmm..

this is what i am up to atm:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
milk bread which choco orange and nutella filling

i've just finished watching Code Geass R-2 *eventually* and i'm reading Witch Hunter (manhwa) using my mobile internet LOLSAD..

i still have not start sewing again yet despite being back in my homeland and left with nothing to do 90% of the time.. i will sew..... maybe tomorrow. but ORZ when you are home with your sis whom you haven't seen for a while, you just tend to uhh... procrastinate and do other things all day eeh???
i guess my unconscious self tells me to not hikkikomori myself yet at the sewing machine until after new years when she returns to high school D8

if that is so then i'm left with one month to do:
- finish sandplay!Miku cos (sis may not be doing her Luka yet)
- cendrillon!Miku - black
- black bunnies Mawaru Penguindum shirts for myself and Ritsuka-shiina (do you want me to make the cravat and headband too??)
- a retro dress which i designed myself to match this pair of heels i bought a while back LOL

5 costumes to do in one month, along with my usual housework duties as a loyal slave daughter at home. ... why do i have the feeling like i missed some out?? D8

meanwhile.. i shall clear my inbox first
WHY YOU NO BE ACTIVE?!! SELF :iconpissedmonkeyplz:

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but HURR another boring life-update oTL

i have soooooo much things to say. i don't even know where to start but i would like to try and keep this as short and as un-cheesy as possible >A<

currently, i am back home in my hometown, in indonesia. things have been rather.... crap ^^;
sis is having xmas - new year break, bro is still on break from studying too and for the first time in a few years, we have everyone together at home. since returning home last week, i haven't been doing anything much tho oTL

i did quite well again in uni despite cosplaying and goofing off like a diehard, falling sick 4-5x in one semester and having submitting poorly done assignments twice (one of them is late too). i did not fail any units wheeeeeeee~~~ last semester, i got two Ds, a C and a P. this sem, despite all the hell that happened, i got three Ds and a P. i passed my html+javascript unit. i also have done... 1.5x more cosplays this year than last year.. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??!!!

but most importantly..

i have learnt a lot in 2011. made lots of new friends, and said goodbye to two important ones as they have to leave melbourne for good ( ;---; ) /SOB

despite keeping this journal short as i have to go (orz") i cannot thank my friends enough for everything that they have done for me.. 2011 would not have been this wonderful without you all :heart:

:icondarcywilliam: :iconblackcrane56: :iconastellecia: :iconeightroses: :iconemorenji: :iconritsuka-shiina: :iconakinofujiko: :iconcielroses: :iconk-tetsu: :iconzuzumoo: :iconpi-kyu: :iconkaorimint: :iconsilverlined: :icongeckguga: :iconcherriuki: :iconflauel: :iconclamwings: :iconhiyuki: :iconshinomatrix: :iconelias-lopez: :iconh4kkai: :iconyiji: :iconmafiya: :icondj-bucky: :iconalysael: :iconmukuroma: :iconchibifiedkitsunes: :iconeeether: :iconmiimoko: :iconpumpkinwin: :iconintricatia: :iconlain578: :iconyeshayden: :iconmint-ice-tea: :iconmangalphantom: :iconstopplaypause: :iconslouph: :iconultimaweapon5: :iconsiberias: :icont0mmy44: :iconxcheckmate: :iconsweetmarsmellow: :iconjaxama:
and many more... i wish i can send each of you the wonderful lasagna i just had for dinner (made it myself from scratch except the pasta, first try) to thank you but... oTL
nothing i have accomplished this year is possible without you all :heart:

Merrry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 everyone~~ :heart:

i promise... i will update my dA ;A;
i will i will i will ;;AAA;;
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omgggg due to current events a.k.a. being busy, i have again abandoned my dA

uni work (EVERYTHING), cons and cosplays, new apartment for next year and recently, my mum and bro came to visit.
now i have to finish an assignment, 1 games journal entry and my costume by the end of tomorrow ;v;

i spam my facebook more often so if you'd like to see updates of my cosplay photos, go here o/…

as for drawings...................... *flees*


meanwhile, thank you for the watches + favs!! >A<
will reply to everything soon~~
as i continue to stalk people in seekret hehee
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i'm back dA peeps~~ =DDDDD

much sorries for dissappearing for months......... or more or less half a year QQ
i have been mauled to near-death with uni, cosplays and chores.. dramu and procrastination =A=
but now i'm back YO

so many things have happened!!
animania, brisnova, melbnova, minifest, syd SMAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSHHHHH :heart:
meeting sooooo many interstate smexies *____________*
mmmm... deliciousness

things have been really good too~

uni work is going very well thanks to so much support from a special someone :heart:
next semester is starting soon and i hope i will do much better *OSSU*
it's going to be more busy.. that's OK

i have sooooooo manymanymany things planned. cosplays, getting back to CG-ing, photoshoots... i hope i can get them all done DX

meanwhile, i shall catch up with my backlogs x_____X
so... expect lots of spam from me :D

cosplays done:
Hikaru Shindo - Hikaru no Go
Simone Arragon, crux & casual vers. - Star Driver
Wako Agemaki, school & casual vers. - Star Driver
Izaya Orihara - DRRR
KAITO, Imitaion Black - VOCALOID
Kuroko - Railgun
Panty, episode 12 - P&SWG
Len Kagamine, secret police - VOCALOID

cosplay WIP:
Len Kagamine, setsugetsuka - VOCALOID
Hatsune Miku, sandplay, cendrillon, alice (project diva) - VOCALOID
Li Syaoran - CCS
Hajime Saitou - Hakuouki
Kaname Madoka, mahou shoujo & genderbend - Puella Magi Madoka Magica
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10mins before work...

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 2, 2011, 11:25 PM

how's everyone doing in the New Year so far??? :D

so far, this year has been pretty good~
i'm quite on track with new year resolutions and have been keeping myself busy..
tho sometimes i still fail to finish things on time


it's been good..


i've been cosplaying EVERY SINGLE WEEK since 1.1.11

and.. they're all GIRLS

dear Mel,
wtf have happened to your shota-ness??

1. Sonohara Anri - DRRR
2. Kaiko, magnet selfcest - (genderbend) VOCALOID Kaito
3. Anarchy Panty - Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
4. Hatsune Miku, ACUTE - VOCALOID
5. re-wear of my panty cos LOLOLOLLLLL

the fifth one was a shotgun decision indeed.
i saw a cosplay event on fb, which was to be held... the next day 8D
so.. didn't plan on coming
but i saw that Jess Meads was coming.
i thought, might as well come and return her the long blonde wig i borrowed nov last year (SO LONG OMG)

then.. i attempted to do project diva 2nd, Kagamine Len, school ver.
like the one in the OP PV

by buying a cheap men's size 38 long sleeve shirt from bigW and attempting to modify the hell out of it.
alas.. I FAILED
the sewing of the original shirt itself was quite fucked up and the cutting was WRONG (i only re-checked the pattern of Len's shirt when i already started sewing)


there goes my attempt to return to my shotaness


learnt the fact that making the shirt myself from scratch would prolly have been much easier.

yup, there goes the first month of 2011.. till CNY for me :D

GIRL cosplays to scarr the shizz out of my watchers :heart:
ILU all

pics later :heart:


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HURRO 2011

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 1, 2011, 5:30 AM
THANK YOU :heart:

it's 2011 already o.O
and i totally missed out writing or submitting anything for xmas
i kinda... abandoned my dA .____.

i have been busy with costumes, work, fabric shopping, xmas and new year since.. mid december till.. now?? xDD"
work ended early today o/
so i might as well not check my dA inbox and update my page first~


*gets shot*


i'd like to take this chance WHILE I HAS A SUB *yay* to make a looooonnnngggg journal entry about how 2010 went for me *is totally a grandma*
so.. might get rambly and draggy

you can ignore me if you want to ;D

*uses sub-text to lessen space usage*

2010 has really been a year of ups and downs.
more like a pukeylicious hell coaster ride.

so many things had happened..
so many thing done yet so many are still undone..
so many dramas..
and lots of mistakes realised
and learnt some (i hope)

my parents eventually gave up on *controlling* me

i won't.. go to details
shortly, it meant to me as a chance to stand on my own feet.

it's CORNY


but nevermind me... ^^;

back to the loooonnnggg post

i haven't done much at all for 2010.
in fact, it's too little to be even considered =3=

on the drawing side:
i haven't been drawn anything AT ALL
it seems that cosplaying has taken over my time for drawing.. almost *brakes*
i still draw, for the course that i'm currently studying.
but i cbb to put them up.
they're uni projects, not really worth looking at TBH ^^;

on the cosplay side:
what started from being no-cosplay to still-stubbornly-cosplaying-then-fucked-up-my-life(forabit)
became got-banned-from-cosplaying-but-still-seekretly-cosplaying to..
still secretly cosplaying
*gets shot*

i know cosplaying will hurt my studies..
as long as i manage my time properly, i know i can keep up with it o/

time management is crucial anyways, and i have always been very very poor at that oTL

towards the end of the year, i have been thinking a lot..
a lot.. a lot...
a lot.

about where i am lacking
and which parts of myself i could improve on..

what wrongs i have done
and how i should correct it
most importantly, to NOT involve others into my shit xDD"

the thing that i've done in 2010 really shows how much i actually suck LOL
i suck SO BAD
it BURNS k??? =D
and i'm simply not good enough..
i'm not of the same level as those people who tell me what i can and cannot do.
even when i tried harder,
everyone know i should have listened no matter what the outcome is.

i'm. simply. not. good. enough.
*stabs self*

but i want to work harder and be better.

i have been trying to make amendments to myself and make new positive habits.
of course, wrote my new year resolutions too 8D
who hasn't LOL?

i hope i can keep them up
so that i can accomplish more in 2011
and eventually, become a better person :)

thank you for reading :heart:

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hey all~

i have finished the last bit of my assignments last monday :D
i feel heaps better now


i'm sick
like.. seriously.

i caught flu/fever after the photoshoot last wednesday and i have been dieing since.

much apologies for not replying to comments DDDX

my brain is frying itself up
my throat.. it feels like i've got throat cancer (goddamn perfert for cosplaying Okita - Hakuouki)
my nose is producing too much nose goo
i can't sleep at night and i keep waking up
... and i've lost my voice :D

i haven't been this ill since O'levels (in singapore)
i wonder what has gotten into me


sad sad note:
i can't work on my costumes yet.
i have LOTS to do...
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